A Personal Message From Our Producer


Dear Friends, Artists, Sponsors and Colleagues,

Harpin’ By The Sea’s production team has spent many months preparing its first online festival; work that has been undertaken voluntarily through a shared passion for music and the harmonica. Nothing would have been possible without their dedication and determination and I ask you to join me in paying tribute to Russ, Ben, Matthew, Paul and Trevor for all they have achieved.

I also thank our event Sponsors on everyone’s behalf. Through their support and the power of the internet, we find ourselves in the unlikely position of launching a free online event that brings together a unique global music community.

In a time of pandemic, we all need to feel connected and I hope our efforts will help. It’s impossible to say whether we will be in the same situation a year hence, but rest assured we are committed to our mission of celebrating the harmonica on an annual basis. I hope you will continue to lend us your support and share your friendship.

As we make ready to go live, my thanks once again go to our incredible team of volunteers who have breathed life into what once seemed a fanciful notion. I also pass on a joint debt of gratitude to each of our incredible trade sponsors.

Finally I would ask that we all consider the plight of the harmonica guest artists who will be sharing their music with us this weekend. To each of our artists I say thank you for your trust as we do our best to raise funds for you, and share our love and support.

To every member of our now worldwide audience, I sincerely hope you enjoy our programme. Thank you for joining us wherever you are. Tell all your friends and let’s party!

Richard Taylor

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