Sat 3rd Feb 2024, 10.00am-1.00pm – Cellar Bar

Tonguing, rhythm, percussion and rack harmonica with your tutors

If you’ve been playing for years and have advanced skills under your belt such as positional options, idiomatic styles, overbends, timing and natural tone, this is the workshop for you.

Eddie Martin (UK)
Marta and Eddie will both be helping you to build the rhythm side of your playing and explore new options for performance purposes. Eddie will be encouraging players to spread their music and performance skills by investigating harmonica with percussion and in a rack.

Marta Suñé (Spain)
Marta will have you working on your tongue attack, tongue slaps and rhythm slaps. Essential tabs and sound files are attached below and Marta will show you how to embellish this for performance using tongue rhythm and percussion technique. The level of complexity will be geared towards advanced playing ability.

Sound Files

What to bring
You should bring a small set of 10 hole diatonic harps, including the keys of C, A, D and G Major. You will not be able to follow the full programme with only a C Major harmonica. A limited number of harmonicas and keys will be available for purchase on the day from our trade vendor.

These workshops run on Saturday morning at The Brunswick. In the afternoon you can attend our Vocals for Harmonica workshop with Vanessa Thomas and Richard Taylor, or join John Cook for his technical workshop. The afternoon closes in the company of our guest artists for their Q&A Session.