Building the next level

Saturday 4th Feb 2023, 10.30am-1.00pm

If you’ve been playing for many years, can tackle established intermediate skills, but want to develop new skills and knowledge such as idiomatic styles, overbends, positional playing, timing and natural tone, this is the workshop for you.

  • Workshop notes to follow

Your workshops are led by our guest tutors Mark Hummel (USA) and Ed Hopwood (UK). Mark specialises in West Coast electric blues, while Ed specialises in blues, zydeco, old-time & bluegrass styles.

What to bring
You should bring a small set of 10 hole diatonic harps, including the keys of C, A, D and G Major. You will not be able to follow the full programme with only a C Major harmonica. A limited number of harmonicas and keys will be available for purchase on the day from our trade vendor.

These workshops run on Saturday morning. In the afternoon you can attend our Masterclass with Richard Taylor, or join John Cook for his Tuning workshop. The afternoon closes in the company of our guest artists for their Q&A Session, after which there is an open jam session in the Cellar Bar ahead of our evening show.