HBTS 2018

Dear Richard & Stuart,

I just wanted to express my appreciation for yesterday’s wonderful day of workshops and the fantastic evening concert.  What a coup to arrange such sparkling talent in the form of Victor (and his temporary partner for the evening), Rory, always funny and entertaining as well as a great exponent of individualism on the harmonica and the magnificent Mothershovel band. I loved them and what a fantastic, tight, (just the right length) inclusive jam at the end!

It was all brilliantly organised (Bristol could do with your light touch but tightly structured organisational skills), not an easy thing to pull off in a small venue so well attended.

It may be partly the size of the event, ideal in that everyone can get to meet everyone in the course of a day, but I love the inclusive, welcoming vibe you and Stuart manage to establish from the moment one walks through the door.

I would really appreciate (as an improvement) written tabs in all the workshops. It really is pretty standard procedure, surely?

Though the tables and candles in the venue create a really nice atmosphere, it does make for a scramble before the concert and means many have to stand throughout, something I for one, cannot do with my back injury.

However, these are small details and not complaints and though this is only my second visit to harping By The Sea, I will definitely clear my diary for a regular visit every Feb in future.

Many thanks and congratulations to you, Stuart and all of your team.

Best regards

Anthony Randall


An excellent weekend and what a show!

Well done for everything and I got a great seat this year too.

Your beginners class was brilliant in conception and delivery I was impressed x T