Lunch Menu Sampler


HBTS Dirty Mac & Cheese

2019 Menu …to be confirmed

The Brunswick’s management team has built a very strong reputation locally for good food and takes great pride in the service it delivers.

Each year we enjoy a special lunchtime menu at great prices, created exclusively for all our harmonica guests.

We will update you on the HBTS9 arrangements just as soon as our Chef confirms his special lunchtime menu .

As an example, at HBTS8 (Feb 2018) we could choose from..

  • Spicy beef chilli – £8.00
  • Spicy vegetarian chilli (veg) – £7.50
  • Dirty Mac ‘N Cheese (v) – £7.50
  • Dirty Mac ‘N Cheese with smoked ham – £8.50

Visitors should order their food on arrival in the morning and we’ll have it ready for their lunch break.

Main Menu items are also available on the day but will be served shortly after the above items.