Will Wilde sends best wishes to HBTS9


Yay! Our good friend and neighbour Will Wilde just dropped in to send everyone his best wishes for HBTS 2019. Have you tried his new Seydel Wilde Tuned harps? They’re great for rocking things up. Very metal! And don’t miss him on TV on YolanDA’s Jam Camp on CBeebies Sat 23rd Feb!

Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories


You talk the talk, do you walk the walk?

We are delighted to welcome Battle Plan Harmonica Accessories to this year’s festival. We’ve witnessed Ben Reese develop his range of accessories over several months and we’re incredibly impressed with his innovative solutions.

Our first encounter with Ben was at our monthly Harp Surgery workshops at The Brunswick, when he showed us his Ammo Clip 520 (bullet mic holder). We tried it out and it worked perfectly.

He then produced his V2 Harp Launcher, which is great fun and super cool. He’s also developed a bullet mic solution for disabled players and his Munitions Box, a modular system for storing and carrying harp sets.




Calling all our harmonica friends

This is your official invitation to join us for something very special on Saturday 2nd February 2019. You already know that Fede Vaz will be joining us for HBTS9 all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay…right?!!

Well permit us to now introduce the second of our Latin Harping Hermanos, Señor Marcos Coll from Madrid, Spain. Marcos is a Hohner endorsee and, with Fede Vaz and The Blackjacks, he’s ready to whip us into a frenzy, as we celebrate our Fiesta Latina at Harpin’ By The Sea 2019. Venga…!

STOP PRESS – HBTS9…Sat 2nd Feb 2019


Welcome to our Fiesta Latina! 

Hot from the HBTS Newsroom, here’s the latest gossip to get every Harpin’ By The Sea fan texting, twitfacing and nattering; the theme for HBTS9. While this summer’s bun-burning blitz will finally have abated by February, we’re all set to cook up our very own chilli-fuelled fire storm at HBTS’s Fiesta Latina.

This year we’ll be rocking the rumba, sizzling the salsa, cooking the candombe and mixing up some mambo mayhem in the expert hands of two very, very special guests. And yes, it’s all on the diatonic harmonica. Tickets for our workshop and show package will be on sale from Saturday 1st September 2018, so don’t miss out.

So without further ado, and flying in all the way from Montevideo, Uruguay, for his UK debut, here is our first special guest, Señor Fede Vaz to say hello to you in person. Check out the chops on this one people.. ay caramba!

Harpin’ By The Sea 2019.. Turn up. Dig it. Tell ALL your friends!

Monthly Drop-In Harmonica Workshops


At the Brunswick in Hove actually, near France

Since Harpin’ By The Sea was first launched, an oft-heard question as people wend their weary way homeward is, ‘That was great! Why don’t you do it twice a year, or even monthly?‘ At which point Rich and Stu make like Forrest Gump and start run-ning! You can have too much of a good thing.

But times have moved on, and we’re delighted to announce that you can now enjoy a little shot of Harpin’ By The Sea magic once a month. But unlike Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates, you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. Dates and further information are on our flyer just below and at www.harpsurgery.com

Make it your Tuesday night guilty pleasure. Bring the office. Bring a friend. For the musically uninhibited, there’s even a Jazz Jam afterwards where you can strut your augmented or diminished prowess. We look forward to seeing you for more free-reeding frolics.

Download our flyer

Souvenir T-Shirts


Turn Up. Dig it. Tell ALL your friends…!  

  Harmonica-Tees have produced a great souvenir event T-shirt, featuring..

Front: Logo and official event slogan
Turn up. Dig it. Tell ALL your friends.
Back: Event, artists, tutors, web address

Paul Gillings will be on site with samples of the HBTS and other harmonica T-shirts for you to check out. He’ll be available at lunchtime to take your order personally, which he’ll fulfil and mail out shortly afterwards.

HBTS souvenir T-shirts are £12.99 (inc postage). They are available in black and come in S, M, L, XL, XXLXXXL. Which all adds up to a rattling good deal and a great way to remember your day.