Harpin’ By The Sea postponed for 2022


Dear Harpin’ By The Sea fans…

After 11 years of uninterrupted service to the worldwide harmonica community, Harpin’ By The Sea will be taking a break for Feb 2022. We had intended resuming our live event, but this always came with the risk of a Covid-19 resurgence. This is now proving to be the case and it compromises our primary plan to fly in top-line international harmonica performers and instructors.

The first alternative would be to run an online event, as in 2021. The problem here however is the widespread expectation to eclipse last year’s ground-breaking broadcast on a technical level. With every ounce of due respect, we’d also want to avoid duplicating the presentation of guest artists who have had the benefit of several similar events in recent months. The essence of Harpin’ By The Sea has always been to avoid running with the pack and to break new ground. Judging by recent online attendance statistics, ‘screen fatigue’ appears to have set in.

The second alternative was to focus on homegrown UK talent, running a localised live event with simultaneous live stream. Less pressure in one respect, but having worked through the technical requirements, it’s clear we’d need to recruit, train and manage a second team to steer the live stream, while the first team ran the live schedule. Something we’re fully capable of doing, however we’ve run out of time and cannot guarantee a smooth enough service delivery of this magnitude for 2022.

We are committed to returning in 2023 and wish the worldwide harmonica community all the very best in music making until then. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Richard Taylor, Producer.

And the winner is…


Wishing Well Music 

Thank you to everyone who entered our charity raffle and to our trade sponsors for providing the amazing prizes. With your help we raised over £3,100 for Wishing Well Music, providing bedside music therapy for children in critical care. Congratulations also go to our prize winners who are listed on our Raffle page.

Although our Raffle is done for this year, you can still donate direct to Wishing Well Music can do so through their PayPal link. Thank you for your support.



Support our own artist too!

We’ve had many enquiries about the rocking blues harmonica instrumental behind our promotional videos. Well it was written as a jingle specifically for HBTS by none other than our Executive Director, Paul Gillings.

If you’d like to download a copy of Promo by Paul Gillings, visit his Bandcamp page, or click the logo on this page. 

Paul is a recording artist in his own right and kicks off Saturday’s programme with Danny R on guitar. You can check out his credentials on our Artist Page and on his own homepage. Danny R also features on guitar on the Promo track, while Paul covers harmonica, rhythm guitar, bass and drums.

For harmonica buffs, the track is in E and starts in second position on a standard A diatonic. It then modulates through third, fourth and fifth position. Happy woodshedding!

A Personal Message From Our Producer


Dear Friends, Artists, Sponsors and Colleagues,

Harpin’ By The Sea’s production team has spent many months preparing its first online festival; work that has been undertaken voluntarily through a shared passion for music and the harmonica. Nothing would have been possible without their dedication and determination and I ask you to join me in paying tribute to Russ, Ben, Matthew, Paul and Trevor for all they have achieved.

I also thank our event Sponsors on everyone’s behalf. Through their support and the power of the internet, we find ourselves in the unlikely position of launching a free online event that brings together a unique global music community.

In a time of pandemic, we all need to feel connected and I hope our efforts will help. It’s impossible to say whether we will be in the same situation a year hence, but rest assured we are committed to our mission of celebrating the harmonica on an annual basis. I hope you will continue to lend us your support and share your friendship.

As we make ready to go live, my thanks once again go to our incredible team of volunteers who have breathed life into what once seemed a fanciful notion. I also pass on a joint debt of gratitude to each of our incredible trade sponsors.

Finally I would ask that we all consider the plight of the harmonica guest artists who will be sharing their music with us this weekend. To each of our artists I say thank you for your trust as we do our best to raise funds for you, and share our love and support.

To every member of our now worldwide audience, I sincerely hope you enjoy our programme. Thank you for joining us wherever you are. Tell all your friends and let’s party!

Richard Taylor




Son of Dave is here to announce his return to Harpin’ By The Sea in 2021, our free online harmonica festival 5th-7th February 2021. Get these dates in your diary and reserve the sofa! We’ll be coming to you live by Zoom and YouTube. Please Donate by paypal.me/harpinbythesea to support our artists.

Tune in. Dig it. Tell all your friends!

Break Rooms / Update Your Zoom


Need a change from our mainstage? Try our Breakout Room options.

Please feel free to use our Zoom Breakout Rooms during the Festival. You’ll find the option on your Zoom (usually at the bottom).

Select the Breakout Room you require. There are two public options you are free to use, and our private backstage room, which we please ask you not to disturb. 

If you cannot locate a Breakout Room button it might be because you have an old version of Zoom. To update your Zoom check out the video.

1. Public Bar – Green Room
Feel free to check out this facility. Many of our Sponsors and Guest Artists will be available here after their scheduled presentations. You can chill out and make new friends here too. We regret that drinks are not included.

2. John Cook’s Harp Repair Shop
This is where you can visit Jonn Cook 12:00-17:00 (UK) on Saturday and Sunday. He will be at his work bench ready to answer all your maintenance and modification needs.

3. Backstage – STAFF ONLY
Please do not use this room. This is where our Artists and Technical Team will be busy soundchecking throughout the weekend. We ask that you respect their privacy do not disturb them.

How to update your Zoom





Victor Puertas is here to announce his return to Harpin’ By The Sea in 2021, our free online harmonica festival 5th-7th February 2021. Get these dates in your diary and reserve the sofa! We’ll be coming to you live by Zoom and YouTube. Please Donate by paypal.me/harpinbythesea to support our artists.

Tune in. Dig it. Tell all your friends!

Win a Gold-Plated Marine Band and Make a Child Smile


And the lucky winner is…
Harpin’ By The Sea would like to thank all our event sponsors for their incredible generosity in providing the prizes for our online raffle. All funds raised will go straight to the Wishing Well Music charity, which provides bedside music therapy for children in critical care.



Draw: Sun 7th Feb 2021 at 18:00 UK time (GMT) 


Gold plated Hohner Marine Band (Key of C)
This is a rare collector’s piece. Only 125 serial numbered, gold plated harmonicas have been made to celebrate the 125th birthday of the Marine Band harmonica. We wish to thank everyone at Hohner, Trossingen, for supporting our first online festival. Hohner are also supplying six regular Marine Band harmonica as separate prizes. Continue reading

Joe Filisko – Programme Update


Solo Harmonica Performance

Owing to pandemic safety restrictions, we regret that Joe is unable to entertain us as a duo with Eric Noden as originally planned.

In amendment to our programme, Joe will now be sharing his formidable playing skills with us in a solo harmonica performance.

We thank you for your continued support for Joe and our cast of guest artists at Harpin’ By The Sea’s free online festival 2021.