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If your core skills are in check, and you’re playing regularly but feel you’ve plateaued, this is an opportunity to revitalise and set new horizons. Maybe you’re wondering about the complexities of overbends. Perhaps your throat vibrato, amplified playing, solo building and positional playing need some attention. Here’s your chance to rub shoulders with other advanced players and benefit from some cutting edge advice. It’s also your chance to check under the cover hood of your hot rod with John Cook.

  • Workshop 1 10:30-11:45 (Lee Sankey)
  • Workshop 2 11:45-13:00 (Victor Puertas)
  • Workshop 3 14:30-15:45 (John Cook)
  • Masterclass 16:00-17:15 (Rory McLeod)

For the final session, advanced players are invited to attend our Masterclass in the main auditorium: An Audience with Rory McLeod. However, if the technical side of harmonicas is more up your street, you can join John Cook upstairs for his second session on harmonica modifications: Pimp My Harp.

What to bring
You should bring your full set of 10 hole diatonic harmonicas in a standard selection of Major keys. Other tunings are also welcome, however these are in addition to the core Major keys.

Workshop Preparation
To help you prepare for your workshop, here are a few items that will be included..

Workshop 1 – Lee Sankey
Lee will be hitting the deck running this morning, so be prepared! With electric amplified harmonica our topic, you’ll deconstruct Monkey Lips from Lee’s Tell Me There’s A Sun album, then put it back together. Anyone who’s ever heard the track asks ‘how does he do it?’ Here’s your chance to learn some new chops. You can download the track in advance from iTunes or check it out on YoutubeYou’ll need a Bb harp.

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Workshop 2 – Victor Puertas
Victor will be imparting his take on the acoustic blues harmonica tradition with reference to Sonny Boy Williamson II and Sonny Terry. It would be a good idea to familiarise yourself with their styles and repertoire in advance. Victor will also be referencing Jerry Portnoy’s Sentimental Journey on an A harp (which will really test your bending accuracy), and looking into overbending.

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Workshop 3 – John Cook
John will run through the maintenance essentials that every diatonic harp players can, and perhaps should, undertake as a routine. When were your harps last cleaned and tuned? How’s the gapping and response on your harps? How can you improve their air-tightness? John will show you how. He’ll also have a selection of handy tools available for purchase.

If you have further burning tech questions, or would like to investigate the dark art of harmonica modifications (eg embossing, arcing, customising combs, double reed plates, valving), John Will be running a second workshop after lunch (separately from Rory McLeod’s masterclass). Pimp my harp.

Masterclass – Rory McLeod
Intermediates and Advanced players come together in the main auditorium for an exclusive audience with Rory McLeod. Further details can be found on the dedicated Masterclass page. Anyone wishing to catch more time with John Cook can opt to join him upstairs instead, where he will be available to answer specific technical questions and look into the dark art of harmonica modifications.