Pimp My Harp



If our Masterclass is not for you, you are warmly invited to join John Cook upstairs at 4.00pm for our second Harp Tech workshop.

This will cover ways in which players can modify their own harmonicas with the minimum of fuss, and bust one or two urban myths regarding supercharged harp specs.

You can be assured that John will also avail you of his expert knowledge and top tips for pimping your instruments.

John will run through the maintenance essentials that every diatonic harp players can, and perhaps should, undertake as a routine. When were your harps last cleaned and tuned? How’s the gapping and response on your harps? How can you improve their air-tightness? John will show you how. He’ll also have a selection of handy tools available for purchase.

If you have further burning tech questions, or would like to investigate the dark art of harmonica modifications (eg embossing, arcing, customising combs, double reed plates, valving), John Will be running a second workshop after lunch (separately from Rory McLeod’s masterclass). Pimp my harp.